Sunset Overdrive is an open world shooter game that takes place in a brightly hued, cartoon-styled apocalyptic wasteland. After an energy drink turns the majority of the human population into mindless orange mutants, the remaining humans must band together to survive. The game has an irreverent, satirical, and nostalgic tone that rips a part the flaws of American consumerist culture.

We created a campaign that embodied the spirit of the game to target only the snarkiest of snarky gamers, and prove that Sunset Overdrive was actually just as snarky as they are. To kick things off we created an interactive web experience on to let gamers explore the in-game features of Sunset Overdrive. We used the ad pages in the back of comic books as our inspiration and made each ad interactive to show off just how absurd Sunset Overdrive could be. So go ahead and click something already! 



In addition to the web experience we created a series of emails to promote the game. We started with an email that had all the consumer-y satire—hypnotic eyes, an obnoxious buy button, and a very awesome checklist of features.


To hit the nostalgic vibe that resonates in the game we created the first ever Scratch 'n Sniff email. Har har, not really. But attempting to scratch a sticker on your device activated a link sending the viewer to our interactive web experience on where they could keep clicking and exploring.


After the game launched we sent out a final email that highlights all the great things game critics said, but with a twist. Alongside the real quotes, we also created imaginary quotes that continued with the Sunset Overdrive fun.